Cloud Infrastructure

We help with the following

AWS Cloud

From migration to AWS, to designingarchitecture and implementation. Or problem solving. We can help.


We can design & setup your business systemsEverything from networks, backups, security to disaster recovery.


We can design & setup your development systems. Everything from networks, backups, security to disaster recovery.


We can help with your public and private cloud OpenStack infrastructure setup.


If you have online manual processes, we can automate them. For example:

Infrastructure as a Code

Putting IT infrastructure in the cloud. Reduce reliance on IT Support & easily scalable with consistent environment.

Terraform and Cloud formation

Both are IaC types. CloudFormation is an AWS product, Terraform is by HashiCorp  and is open-source.


Design & deploy physical and cloudbased IT infrastructure with configuration, ready to use.

Configuration Management with Ansible

Configuration management, and automation. This is especially useful for secure virtualisation.