Smart Factories

Just-In-Time (JIT)

The app knows where the materials are and when & where they are. Taking into account real-time traffic information, it tells when they should depart.

Clocking In/Out

We have a face-scan biometric Android tablets based clocking system. It also checks attendance withshifts and reports disparities.


One-click matching of people and shifts. People have upto 3 roles (in ascending order) and it matches shifts first with their main roles and availability. Remaining shifts are then paired with available people’s lesser roles.

Monitoring employee movements

Using sensors built into their ID tags, you can see in real-time where they are. The information is also logged, so you can seepast movements.

Predictive stock control

Keeping track of stock stored& booked for production queue. Also notifying stock shortage due to new sales and historical sales fluctuations (such as due to seasonal demand).

Production tracking

Sensors embedded into product (RFID, so not needing batteries). Items can be identified even after sales (for repairs, warranty etc). Also helps with complete traceability.


Webshop for direct-to-consumer sales


For quality control. Notifications (going to management) triggered by events such as faults rise excessively.

Asset tagging

Tagging machinery to track

Product tagging

Track production items (best for large items like furniture, electrical items, etc) as they pass through the factory

Factory environment

If your factory, or parts of it, need temperature or humidity to be kept within a range. We can place IoT sensors which send notification alarm when the range is breached. The readings are also logged for regulatory inspections.

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