Booking & Reservation System

BRS by SenServe

Streamline Your Accommodation Business

Our product features include:

  • Online bookings
  • Discount pricing
  • Reservation grids
  • Reservations calendar
  • Easy-to-use front end
  • Custom Reports

Options available include (branded) customer app, advance checklists, eSign for contracts. clocking-in system, inventory management and keys tracking.

Online bookings and reservations

Easy and quick bookings and reservations

  • Online booking built into your website
  • Customers pay online. Either a deposit or the full amount.
  • All your bookings are in one place.
  • Can connect your management system directly to 3rd party booking platforms such as Expedia and


Pricing and discounting

Discount code option. Maybe rooms or RV slots needs filling? You can promote discount codes on your social media, directing potential customers to your website for booking.

There are other options for discount pricing, for example, if someone is booking for a longer term (say a week) they get a better rate than someone booking for only one day.

Customer app

We will generate your own customised, branded App for your residents.

This allows your customers to:

  • Request maintenance and supplies.
  • Access local promotions for deals, restaurants and bars.
  • For high-end customers you can offer a virtual butler.
  • Self-service saves your staff administrative time

Easy online payments

With our integrated payment system, your residents can make a quick payment online that is sent directly to your bank account:

  • Residents can make regular payments from their app and download their statements.
  • You can offer in app purchases for added extras such as local products, laundry and bedding products.

Occupancy and calendar

  • Conveniently manage, edit and control room bookings on a central calendar.
  • Integrated with your website, online booking system and social media.
  • Maximise room usage and ensure all your staff can quickly access your accommodation availability.


Make sense of your data: select which module you want to generate a report from, defining your specific conditions and automatically generate a pdf.

  • Reports on enquiries and quotes
  • Track sales insight
  • Revenue & sales reports on daily, weekly or monthly basis
  • Daily reservation reports

Optional add-ons

eSigning for contracts and agreements

Digitalised checklists app for auditing and checking

Report-a-repair app and smart work orders

Complete Asset Management system (for fixed and rotational assets)

Staff biometric (hands-free) clocking-on system.

Inventory Manaagement

Keys Tracking


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