We are a fleet-footed small but growing technology company based in Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom.

For those unaware, Newcastle is where the industrial revolution started. This was the daddy of disruption, where innovation and new technology enabled businesses to become world-leading. Probably for the first time ever.

We very much feel that disruptive spirit. We bring technology and innovation to businesses worldwide through our cloud-based products, enabling other businesses to grow and be better.

We’re an award-winning company with twenty staff and two offices.

Our staff is diverse in many different ways; including age, cultural background, race, education, social class, and interests. This is one of our core strengths because when diversity meets curiosity, it becomes a creative juggernaut. We balance this with a pinch of negativity (to keep us grounded) and a relentless focus on ease of use. This way we only come out with solutions that are achievable within time and budget, and benefits and (process) improvements are deliverable.