Forticare Professional Services

Addressing Cybersecurity Challenges

As networks and threats rapidly evolve, it’s critical to make sure security capabilities can keep up. Given the global cybersecurity skills shortage, today’s organizations often lack the in-house expertise or enough staff to deploy, operate, and maintain the new technologies required to close security gaps.

FortiCare Professional Services delivers expert help to ensure Fortinet deployments are optimized for each customer’s unique needs.

Hit the Ground Running With New Capabilities

Fast-track return on investment (ROI) with streamlined expert deployment. Consultants with multivendor experience help swiftly migrate from legacy technologies and adopt new capabilities. Driven by proven methodology, FortiCare Professional Services plans and executes implementations efficiently and effectively

Achieve Performance and Configuration Excellence

As a business evolves, it needs to adapt protections when there are changes in users, applications, and traffic patterns. Professional Services provides regular reviews of configuration, performance, and policies, for reliability and sustained security.

Extend In-house Teams With Dedicated Resources

In-house IT teams can focus on more critical duties while Fortinet dedicated resources handle escalation and issue resolution by working closely with Fortinet subject matter experts. Our engineers are domain experts who will get to know each business they are assigned to. Offload redundant operational tasks including configuration, upgrades, and technical incident management. Our experts work closely with in-house teams to maximize productivity by transferring technical and Operational knowledge.

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We don't just build websites, we build loyalty

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