Manufacturing Management System

MMS by SenServe

Streamline Your Manufacturing Business

MMS offers custom solutions that can manage & digitise every aspect of your medium-sized manufacturing business.

Features could include:

  • E-Marketing of your business
  • Website Optimisation
  • Web shop creation
  • Production Planning
  • Workstation Task Allocation
  • Real-time Production Stats
  • Quality Control Checks
  • Daily Production Diary
  • Product Listing App
  • Digital Documents
  • Automated Invoices & bills
  • Response Manager
  • Custom Checklists
  • Business Intelligent Reports
  • Staff Training
  • Asset Management
  • Stock Management
  • Delivery & Route Planner
  • Employee Management
  • Staff Performance Checks
  • Attendance Rota
  • Central Business Calendar
  • System Management
  • Accounting Integration

IsMMS the right solution for your Manufacturing business?

Yes. Digital transformation is an imperative to ensure your business can:

  • Stay Agile and Competitive: Ensure your business can adapt effectively in a fast-paced environment
  • Cut Costs: Remove human error
  • Save Time: Automate lengthy administrative processes
  • Add Value: Improve the quality of services for your customers
  • Scale Up: Unleash your business potential by removing the manual processes holding you back
  • Stay Safe: Make processes contactless and remote
  • Make Effective Decisions: Access reports on revenue and performance monitoring easily

Mobility in Manufacturing is The Future

Ensure everything is available to you on the move via the mobile and tablet apps with custom features built specifically for you.

Our Manufacturing App has:

  • Production Planning: Set product and quantity targets.
  • Workstation Tasks Allocation: Assign an employee, deadline and timer.
  • Accurate Product Production: Have detailed product notes for each employee.
  • Staff Performance Checks: Compare estimated and actual time taken for the process.
  • Real-time Production Stats: Ensure you can deliver on promises.
  • Effective Quality Control & Delivery: Quality Control Checks directly from the app.
  • Daily Production Diary
  • Multi-site access

Bring in new customers every day of the week

  • Let us increase your ordersthrough e-marketing tools including Google and Facebook.
  • Raise customer awarenessof your Manufacturing Business: We would take the time to understand your challenges, create a tailored marketing campaign and manage your social media presence, this could include:
    • Business page creation on social media
    • Unique weekly posting
    • Content & graphic creation for posts
    • Page management
    • Marketing progress reports
  • Website optimisation, increase enquiries and bookings

Increase customers: Make the sale easy for them

We will help you:

  • Set up or transform your existing online platform into a user-friendly, enticing website to improve customer experience.
  • Create a web-shop, including your own branded app, so that your customers to order your products directly, making it easy for your customers to re-order
  • Simplify the sale process: allow customers to generate a quote and pay directly online.

Product Listing App

Everything in your stock and inventory can be uploaded with an easy-to-use product listing App:

  • Important data and images easily and in bulk
  • Create ‘product’ items for your website or generate a catalogue that can be published, printed or uploaded

The product listing process is simple:

  • Product picture is taken
  • Add brief description, price & quantity
  • The product is ready for sale on your webshop, customer ordering App, social media and google smart shopper

Make it Easy with Digital Documents

Tired of wasting time on unintuitive paper-based systems? Switch to MMS to store your important information safely and efficiently.
Digitise Your Contracts & Agreements
With MMS you can produce, print, download or send any document electronically.

  • Order Forms
  • Invoices& Bills
  • Insurance
  • Contracts
  • Maintenance requests & status
  • Compliance Reports
  • Health & Safety Procedure

Cut down admin time with Automated invoicing & bills process

With MMS, your staff can save hours of admin time creating invoices and bills.

Our system can automatically generate the documents you need and populate areas with any information you require, there is no need for you to copy anything across.

Invoices & Bills can then be automatically saved, printed or electronically distributed to all necessary parties.

Response Manager

Never lose a conversation with a potential enquiry because it is lost in someone’s mail-box. With a central response manager, all enquiries correspondence is done from a central dashboard so any of your team members can respond and view previous conversations.

Streamline the Production Planning Process

Save time with lengthy production planning and organisation tasks.

With MMS’s smart Planning function, you can quicky and efficiently allocate staff, machinery and materials.

The Production Planning function is linked to stock levels and staff/ machinery availability to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Ensure Quality atEvery Production Stage

We know you are alwaysconscious of the quality of your products. The cost of your reputation and returns is high.

MMS can help you with making sure each workstation and department do their specific Quality Control Checks.

Better still, MMS can also be used by Quality Control Department with final checks and allows Quality Control Team to take photographic evidence of condition the product left the factory.

MMS can also help you to perform regulatory checks for things such as acidity and fire resistance.

Streamline your day-to-day operations with Custom checklists

With MMS, you create your own checklists to streamline your day-to-day operations and manage them digitally.

Gone are the days of chasing staff for missing out a step in the manufacturing process. With MMS, your whole Manufacturing journey can be streamlined making sure all processes and procedures are followed by each department and relevant team members notified of actions needed and actions taken.

All the way from processing sales orders to delivery to your customers, MMS can help.

Maximise efficiency with Custom Checklists

Capture Everything:
You can create questionnaires and forms that allow you to gather information and generate reports.

Sector Specific Checks
Fill in pre-populated checklists tailored to your sector and follow specific guidelines or create your own checklists based on your needs.

Generate reports from each completed checklist, including pictures submitted to answer questions. Or get a summary report of multiple checklists over a chosen period of time. PDF reports can be emailed directly from the App.

Train Your Staff
Create bespoke tasklists for your employees so they understand how to do each job properly. You can even attach training videos.

Insert images as evidence in your checklists
Why stick with just the checkbox method when you can add evidence of the work? Now, there will never be any questions about the quality of the work done.

Ensure Compliance returning to Work

COVID-19 back to work Checklist:

Pre-defined Manufacturing Checks based on Govt.’s guidance done directly from the App.

Stop the spread of COVID-19 in your business by following the government required COVID-19 checklist and make sure your staff stays safe.

No paperwork, no configuration needed. Ready to download and use.

Reopening Checks & Risk Assessments:

With MMS you can effortlessly perform and digitally record your risk assessment as you reopen your business to make sure all hazards are accounted for.

Also carry out specific opening and closing checks.

All your staff need is the MMS App and everything is done consistently everyday.

Asset Management: Manage Your Fixed & Rotational Assets More Efficiently

From MMS’s Asset Management function, you can check a repair history, report a repair, track tools and equipment all from one App!

Reports can also be communicated quickly, all from a single app.

Fixed Assets: (E.g. Fixed Machinery, Fire Alarms, Smoke Detectors)

  • Tag your fixed assets with QR Codes or RFID Tags.
  • Employees can scan QR codes to report faults.
  • Engineers can scan to check an asset’s repair history.
  • Asset managers can analyse repair trends, common issues and keep spare parts in stock.

Rotational Assets: (E.g. Vans, equipment, tool boxes)

  • Check your rotational assets in and out using QR codes.
  • In a single view, see what’s due to be returned.
  • Text reminders sent to people who’ve not returned loaned assets.
  • Perform testing, checks, MOTs, calibrations

Your Own QR Codes on the go

  • No more waiting for 3rd party suppliers to provide you the asset tags.
  • Our asset management App comes with a portable battery powered Bluetooth QR code printer.
  • Print QR codes for the assets while on the move.

RFID & GPS Asset tags

  • We can link RFID tags to assets too.
  • Instead of scanning a physical tag, simply walk within the RFID operating range to detect what assets are within the reach.

Tired of lengthy, inefficient stock taking methods and missing items?

With our Stock Management system QR technology, you can check stock in and out efficiently and track your stock in real time.
Make sure you have everything you need; the business intelligent Stock function can automatically order in the necessary quantities for an order or for regular replenishments.
Check stock in & out using our stock management App:

  • Real time stock and inventory management app that keeps your sales team informed of the actual stock in hand as well as the lead times on products that are not in stock.
  • Capture every detail of stock deliveries to ensure transparency such as date, time and person who delivered.
  • Linked to purchase order or sales order ID and stock levels are automatically updated.
  • Use the integrated QR scanner to check the product in or out instantly
  • Scan an existing QR or barcode of a product or print your own QR and barcodes directly from the system
  • Sign against each check-in directly on the app to ensure responsibility
  • Daily/ weekly/ monthly stock check created
  • Automatically updates the system

Reduce inefficiencies with Delivery and Route Planner

Our delivery module removes any inefficiencies of incorrect routes and ensures the right quantities are taken and given:

  • Reduce missed deliveries
  • Contactless deliveries
  • Built-in route optimisation
  • Items are tracked to sales orders

You can:

  • Allocate deliveries & drivers direct from the app
  • Plan and preview your drivers’ routes
  • Add delivery notes

Delivery drivers’ can:

  • Access their own app to follow planned route
  • Keep customers informed with their real-time locations
  • Scan notes & receipts to ensure the right items are delivered
  • Collect e-signatures against each item

Stay Informed: Central Business Calendar

Create a staff calendar with permission-based options to assign follow ups, installations and to stay informed on your business activities.

Visual Actionable Reports

No one has the time to sit on desk and compile reports. The App sends the visual reports directly to the management with photographs. Not only that, the report includes a living action plan highlighting jobs to be carried out by others. A summary report of multiple checklists over a chosen period of time can also be created automatically.

Stay in Control: System Management

  • Generate and access important information including: product makes, models, categories, legal letters, nominal codes
  • Important data and images easily and in bulk 
  • Manage options and site permissions 

Make Informed Decisions about your Manufacturing Business: Generate Custom Reports

Make sense of your data: select which module you want to generate a report from, defining your specific conditions and automatically generate a pdf.  

  • Generate product exports
  • Reports on enquiries, quotes and leads
  • Track sales insight
  • Revenue & sales reports

Efficient Employee Management

Gone are the days of sinking time into paper-based rotas. Our simple staff management system instantly provides you with the full picture.

  • Clock in easily: Staff can check in and out with face scan or by sharing their location.
  • Track your employee attendance, holidays and breaks.
  • Automatic Scheduling: You can create weekly schedules that take into account your staff, their preferred hours & roles.
  • Quickly access HR information from anywhere: job role, line manager, payroll details, breaks, employment contract & emergency contacts.

Never Miss What’s Important to You:

  • Your most important business indicators can be displayed on each employee’s dashboard.
  • Automatically send alerts, emails and reminders. 

Never miss out on potential customers with lead & enquiry management:

  • Capture all leads and enquiries that come through.
  • Store important details such as where it has come from, lead/ enquiry type, and who it is assigned to.
  • Convert leads into an enquiry, survey, quotation or sales order easily.
  • Add lead or enquiry follow ups to staff calendars.

Make Quotations Easily

  • Professional looking quotations generated by the system automatically with a few clicks
  • Ensure business continuity with all quotations
  • View a detailed breakdown including product images, product total, service charges, delivery charges, subtotal, VAT and net total.
  • Add a discount easily.
  • Capture upfront costs.
  • Email quotation as a pdf directly from the system.
  • Convert quotations into sales order seamlessly

Help to picture the details with our easy-to-use Visual Composer

A visual presentation of all products in a mood board shape is generated automatically by the system with a few clicks 

  • Create mood boards by selecting products within the system 
  • Generate your own branded visual pdf presentation for your customers for them to see every detail of the products along with pricing, dimensions and quotation summary.
  • Email it directly from the system to various customers which they can respond to ready for it to be converted into a sales order

SAGE & Other Accounting Software Integration

Reduce duplication of work for your bookkeeping and accountancy teams.
Eliminate human error of typing information from one system to another.

  • Our system integrates directly with SAGE and other accountancy software to make your manufacturing business processes more efficient.
  • For example, orders, invoices and purchases are all tied in with SAGE, posting directly into the system.
  • Real time updates between the accounting systems and MMS enables all team members to have clarity on finances and bills

Product Attributes & Variations Management:

Generate unlimited product variations with varied prices and SKUs. Share product variations and SKUs on your webshop, customer app, social media and other sales channels.

Our attributes feature allows you to create, manage and locate variations easily with unique identifiers (SKUs).

For example, if a product has foam filling or high back, or comes in a range of colours.

  • Ensure customer awareness of all options
  • Easily locate each variant
  • Variants are linked with the supply chain, stay informed of what manufacturers can deliver on.

More than just software: We are with you every step of the way.

We go above and beyond for our customers, offering top quality continued support: 

  • Implementation
  • An account manager to ensure things run smoothly
  • Remote & on-site training available 
  • UK-based technical support

Be Safe: Covid-19

  • Avoid unnecessary paper & contact: digitise and streamline your business
  • Check your business compliance with the latest government rules and regulations
  • Keep your staff in line with protocol using customised checklists

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