Facebook Shop Integration

Integration with Facebook Shop

Facebook has launched a new way to shop, by using Facebook Shop and Checkout on Instagram.

This means, now you can funnel a huge amount of Facebook traffic towards your store without leaving the app.

It also allows buying directly from videos, and using Messenger, WhatsApp or Instagram Direct, to offer as personal-assistance experience to customers with questions.

If you already have an online store (Shopify, BigCommerce etc) we at SenServe, can help you connect it to Facebook Shop/Checkout.

Integration with Facebook Shop

If you don’t have an online store, we can help set up on Just Sell platform and connect that to Facebook Shop/Instagram.

Just Sell will allow you to feed stock and pricing into Facebook Shop, Instagram Checkout, Amazon and eBay.

Even pricing can automatically be adjusted to take into account the platforms’ commission rates.

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