SenServe Has Become A Crown Commercial Service


We’re very pleased and very proud to announce that SenServe has recently been awarded the Crown Commercial Service agreement for our services.

We underwent a comprehensive vetting program before being awarded to assure that our company complies with the strict requirements of the G-Cloud 9 agreement.

What is a G-Cloud 9 agreement?

G Cloud 9 is a Framework Agreement of 12 months’ duration; however, the duration may extend for any period up to a maximum of twelve months from the expiry of the initial term.

The Framework Agreement is for use by UK Public Sector bodies. This allows them to choose and purchase cloud computing services covering infrastructure, platform, software, and specialist cloud services. The framework is for commodity-based, pay-as-you-go cloud services across three lots:

Lot 1: Cloud Hosting (IaaS) and (PaaS) – these must be cloud platform or infrastructure services that can help buyers do at least 1 of deploy. Manage and run software and provision and use processing, storage or networking resources

Lot 2: Cloud Software (SaaS) – these must be applications that are typically accessed over a public or private network e.g. the internet and hosted in the cloud

Lot 3: Cloud Support – these must help buyers set up and maintain their cloud software or hosting services

Any Call Off Contract placed will have a maximum initial duration of 24 months, with two extensions allowed, each of up to 12 months. Certain restrictions apply to central government contract extensions

Why is this beneficial?

The new G-Cloud 9 framework created following the introduction of the Government Security Classifications Policy. Which reduced the number of information classifications from six to three levels; OFFICIAL, SECRET, and TOP SECRET.

We can now provide our services to organizations who wish to look after their information at the OFFICIAL level. This is mostly in Government organizations.

We also work with sectors that have sensitive data including Accountants, Law firms and Care homes. Having this award shows our clients that we have undergone all relevant vetting processes. And they can trust us with their business.

You can find us here.

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