4 Proven Tips That Will Increase e-commerce Sales


Everyone wants to promote his business online. But it is very difficult to rank on search engines and get sales inline. If we will give value to our customers online, it is very easy to get sales and boost your business online. Just start your e-commerce store and focus on these 4 tips to boost your sales. Here we will discuss “4 Proven Tips That Will Increase e-commerce Sales”.

Improving user buying experience 

Is it easy for customers to check out using your site? How long does it take? Could they have bought more products during the checkout process? How are you supposed to ensure that customers return to your site? This blog will be covering how you can get the most out of your e-commerce website by improving the user buying experience.

When consumers think about what makes the best shopping experience two factors come to mind: speed and ease. According to a study conducted by Cloud IQ of 2500 consumers in the UK, AUS and the USA:  94% find a fast buying experience important and 92% find an easy buying experience important to have a great shopping experience. According to another study by a walker, “By 2020, customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator.”


Consumers get weary and anxious when filling out checkout forms. So having the option to register an account with the site is great; visitors only have to fill out the form once. Then their worries are limited to the user name and password of their account. However, I must stress this as an option, do not force users to make an account to complete a purchase. Always have the option of guest checkout; no one wants to be forced into anything and it takes up time, remember speed is critical. If you force people to make an account before a purchase, then without a doubt you will lose customers.

Empowering consumers:

Give your customers options when it comes to the checkout phase. It empowers them making them feel more in control and allows them to make decisions based on what appeals to them, improving the overall experience. You do not want consumers to feel throttled by your options. Empowerment can also give via self-service tools. For example, giving your consumers can have access to real-time data relating to their order without time restrictions.


The best way to improve your website is to gather feedback from your consumers and act upon that feedback. The way in which you gather feedback is important. You do not want to suffocate users with feedback requests but you still need to gather a decent amount of data. I suggest you, add a small page note on the checkout confirmation page and product review page. Refrain from intrusive popups- a small but noticeable note will suffice.

Here we have discussed “4 Proven Tips That Will Increase e-commerce Sales”.

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