Cost Effective IT Systems and Solutions Helping you Grow your Business

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Systems and Solutions for
Small and Medium Business

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Matchless Wi-Fi solutions keep you up with
advancing technology

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CRM systems raise the efficiency of your business

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User-friendly apps give you an edge over your competitors

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E-Commerce solutions make your business 24/7 operational

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Customised Systems and

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Customised CRM for streamlined workflows

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Interactive website attract more online visitors

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Customised mobile apps improve business accessibility

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IT support services keep your business systems updated

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Our Products

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Intelligent CRM systems for small, medium and
large businesses

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Job Management Serve (JMS) assists commercial
cleaning companies

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Personalised JMS dedicated to serve Estate Agents

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RecruitServe controls the workflows of Recruitment Agencies

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App Development

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Develop your own business apps today

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End-to-end app development with intuitive designs

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iOS and Android apps take your business to handheld devices

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Wearable technology development as per varying market trends

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IT Systems and Solutions by Business Size

SenServe Small Size Business
Small Size Business (1-5 Employees)

Reliable systems and solutions to empower start-ups and small scale businesses

SenServe Medium Size Business
Medium Size Business (5-20 Employees)

Products and services equipped to cope with medium scale businesses

SenServe Large Size Business
Large Size Business (20+ Employees)

A complete set of solutions to best fit the executive and large scale businesses

IT Systems and Solutions by Sector


Efficient systems and services to support accountancy firms


Systems and solutions designed to accomplish solicitors’ challenges

Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment Agencies

Complete range of products and solutions to serve recruitment firms


Systems and solutions to provide elite services to education sector

Care Homes
Care Homes

Products and services dedicated to assist care home organisations


Systems and solutions designed to fulfil hospitality industry needs


A whole set of solutions to serve commercial cleaning companies

Estate Agents
Estate Agents

Systems and solutions to meet the business needs of estate agents

Products & Services to help you grow your business

Wi-Fi Installation
Wi-Fi Installation

Wi-Fi solutions to cover the connectivity needs of all businesses

CRM Solutions
CRM Solutions

Integrated CRM solutions to provide improved customer experience


A 24/7 online operational outlet of your business for more productivity

Mobile Website & Apps
Mobile Website & Apps

Mobile based web pages and apps to make your business more accessible

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