Sage 50 Integration

Sage talking to your web store

Do you have Sage 50 or Sage 50c?

Do you want your EPOS cash register linking to Sage?

Do you want your web shop linking to Sage?

If you don’t have a web shop but would like one, we can help with that (and then link it to Sage).

When you sell something, do you want Sage to know automatically about the sale?

We connect your web software with Sage. We remove the divide

Then you only have to upload your stock into one and it transfers to the others. When you add new stock or make a sale, both the web store and Sage will keep in step. Even if you have a (cloud-based) CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) which updates the e-commerce website webstore, we can connect to that also.

If you need an app for your sales rep or one for easily uploading new stock, we have that also. And of course, we can provide you with a bespoke CRM and website/Webshop also.

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