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How to manage your Google account’s privacy settings

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How to manage your Google account’s privacy settings

Simply put a privacy policy is a contract between you and the service provider that ensure they are keeping your private data safe. Being a very big tech company, Google has access to millions or even billions of individual user data such as emails, videos, images and documents which they must keep safe, however, it is also important to personally stay on top of what information you’re giving out to Google and other tech companies.

To make managing personal data easier, in 2015 Google revamped its “My Account” page allowing it to be a one-stop spot to seize control of your privacy and security within a user-friendly interface.  Rather than visiting settings for every individual Google service—Gmail, Google Drive, Android phones, YouTube, and a hundred others—you change global settings here.

To begin, you should perform two actions: a security checkup and a privacy checkup.

In Security Checkup you can see which devices have access to your account, which third-party software have access, recent security events and sign in & recovery options.

In privacy check-up you have the ability to manage:

  • Web & app activity
  • Location history
  • Device information
  • Voice & audio activity
  • YouTube search history
  • YouTube watch history

These tools are very useful and will undoubtedly help you take back control of your data.