Are these 5 Interesting Websites The Most Trending Things Now?

 It would seem that websites are old news?

Surely all organization which wants a website now already have one, and that’s that. They can stop looking at website design.


But maybe not, because design and features evolve, meaning websites can be interesting.

Not convinced? Read on.

Here we will discuss 5 most interesting websites which are trending now in 2019.

Looking at this, three things caught my eye. Firstly, it’s a very modern and up-to-date design, with sliding images at the top. All images move slightly (zoom in/out) when the mouse hovers over them, bringing them to life. They look like they’re alive. I really like this.

Obviously, you can‘t see this in the static image I have here, but a link is placed at the bottom of the blog.

Secondly, see the prominent social media links at the top right corner. Chinese Weibo is included. The developers obviously know that China is growth is for Fifa.

Lastly and leastly, Fifa has a store (hidden away) on their website. It adjusts prices based on buyers location (for VAT and sales tax). They’re a worldwide organization, so you would expect this. But many small stores haven’t given consideration that their websites might attract buyers from other countries.

This company is promoting it’s web & software services. Normally fairly dull, business as the usual stuff. But here it’s a little different. It breaks away from the serious stuff and introduces humor with a ‘statistics’ section. An example is the number of hair follicles lost by staff in a week.

Full disclosure: I work for SenServe and it was me who came up with this part. I did have another ‘statistic’; the average number of times male staff think about sex per hour. But that got removed in quality assurance. Nevertheless, the point is that humour is a serious website can tip the balance into making it interesting.

Are these 5 Interesting Websites The Most Trending Things Now?

If your buying experience is too laboured, motivated buyers drift away. All the cost and effort in getting customers to the website fails because the final hurdle is too tedious. It’s not sexy but the cart experience at is interesting.

Second disclosure: this website was developed by, where I work. I know how much effort went into this particular challenge. GroovyStudents rent rooms to students but the price (and price per week) alters depending on the length of stay and chosen options, which are based on the location of the buyer. The buying process needed to be quick, easy and fully transparent throughout.
It is. It’s interesting because it’s so effective that’s why Groovystudents is trending now.

Are these 5 Interesting Websites The Most Trending Things Now?

This website belongs to the grand-sounding Jabeen Enterprises, who basically make websites and other software applications. You would expect their own website to be slick, polished, functioning……You would be wrong on every level.
Not only is the written English appalling,  I’m not talking just about grammar which can be forgiven for people living in non-English speaking countries, but their words don’t mean anything.
It’s just nonsense (what does the first headline “Business with time is constantly evolving” mean?)

Are these 5 Interesting Websites The Most Trending Things Now?

The other very obvious thing is they don’t have any images on their homepage. You would normally expect a number of images and even video or two. They have none.

On their, About Us page, they do have to images. Of a motorbike and a Land Rover Defender. No context is given or mention of why. So, I guess we can also cross off ‘relevance’ from its attributes list.

If you sell a web development service, is it too much to ask for your own website to function? Like social media’s links are working. They don’t here.

Despite all of this, it looks like Jabeen Enterprises do have customers. See below.
Someone told me, their niche in Pakistan is probably for very cost-conscious buyers. Those buyers will probably regard a fancy website as evidence that Jabeen charges too much.
I suppose the take-away point is you need to know your customer, and their customer (ironically) prefers poor websites. Which is just as well, because that’s what they get!. This website is also on the list of 5 interesting websites the most trending things now.

This is a cheat. I looked for websites made by Jabeen Enterprise, above, and found this.

Kentpure sells water purifying products. Their home page has (apart from the header) only one picture; it’s a particularly unattractive image of some tanks. Followed by a long list of Services.

Are these 5 Interesting Websites The Most Trending Things Now?

There a lot of images on the products page. Though, again, not particularly attractive ones.
If you click an image of a product, would you want information including how that product might be useful to you? Or would you want the uninspiring image to be presented in a larger format? It’s the latter which you get.

Are these 5 Interesting Websites The Most Trending Things Now?



The ‘tragedy’ for Kentpure is, they’ve paid something for the website but for no benefit. How do I know? Because there are no contact details anywhere, not even an address is listed.

But there is a Contact Us link? Yes. It doesn’t work. This isn’t just a temporary thing. Whilst researching for this blog, I looked at this website many times over several weeks. Contact Us never worked.

Jabeen Enterprises may not charge much for building websites, but we know that they are still poor value for money. Kentpure has attracted literally no revenue from it.

In this article, we have discussed “5 most interesting websites which are trending now in 2019”. if you have any queries or you want same design contact us. 


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