Wifi Solutions and Installation

SenServe Wi-Fi solutions cover all aspects of Wi-Fi installation; we provide Wi-Fi design, installation and Wi-Fi support services in Newcastle, Scotland, England and Scottish Highlands. Our team of Wi-Fi specialists will turn your business into a venture that booms with the support of new technology. Our list of clients includes manufacturing facilities, hospitals, hotels, offices, schools and Restaurants. If your business is failing to keep up with evolving technology, you’re extremely not likely to be successful in such a competitive world.


Our Wi-Fi Installation services include

  • Setting up of access points
  • Installation of enclosures (physical security)
  • Placement of antennas
  • Connection of Backbone LAN to access points
  • Connection of power to access points
  • Connection and installation of remote power system
  • Authentication of coverage Network management

Ensures BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Safety and Security


With time the concept of BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) is gaining momentum, more and more businesses are adapting BOYD every day. There have been many studies on the concept of BOYD and reports say that, BOYD increases employee productivity and satisfaction because employees feel more comfortable using their own devices in offices.

From the organization’s  point of view BOYD is a cost saver, but also a great threat to the company security as well, because the devices employees use can contain viruses which can easily damage the a company’s systems and there is also the possibility of corporate data theft. The basic problem with BOYD policy is the security, which is a big concern for any organization; the solution to this is simple, get Wi-Fi security.


Wi-Fi for Hotel and Resorts Hospitality Industry


The future hotel choice of a corporate traveller depends on the quality of the Wi-Fi connection a hotel provides. About 74% of the guests prefer a free Wi-Fi connection over a free breakfast. Statistics show that average number of devices per guest is two, a hotel with minimum hundred rooms at full occupancy, means that almost 100 to 150 devices will be connected to the Wi-Fi and a person spends an average of 70 to 90minutes per day on their smartphones. This demands that your Wi-Fi connection should be dependable and with no signal interruptions and no weak signal problems. Statistics prove that 51% of corporate travellers, book hotels with Wi-Fi connection, about 79% of the travellers return to the same hotel if they get a good Wi-Fi connection. This means that a good Wi-Fi Connection is a very basic element which directly impacts customer retention. Whenever a guest starts browsing on his device using your Wi-Fi, the first page your guest sees will be your hotel’s promotional page, with especial discounts, breakfast, lunch and dinner offers.


Keep your executive guest happy with a Premium Wi-Fi


For Hotels we offer two types of Wi-Fi Connections, Premium and basic Wi-Fi. Premium Wi-Fi, is for your executive customers who you don’t want to lose. An executive guest can choose from his/her device whether he wants a basic (which is free) or a premium Wi-Fi connection, if the guest goes for a Premium package he will just have to pay a little amount through the device the guest is using, with his/her credit card, within the safety and comfort of the room. Without getting out of the bed, or calling the room service a guest can get a premium Wi-Fi connection, which keeps your executive guest happy.

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