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Wide variety of CRM software only leaves Decision makers wondering. There is no one absolute choice. It depends on so many things. Help yourself and choose on by considering all factors that affect your decision. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is a great way to interact with customers and automate sales. However there is a huge range of products available to buy from. Making this decision can be a difficult one indeed. So many factors to consider as each CRM have something different to deliver. But don’t you worry, you will be assisted in making that decision below.

In helping you make this decision several different factors are chosen for you to decide on. These include Costs involved, ease of use, customisation capabilities, lead management tools etc. On the basis of these factors and many others top choices have been filtered for you.

Insightly CRM

A small nibbling CRM that is best for Really Small Businesses. Micro Businesses do not require complex features to get things done.

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Bigger more complex CRM also go over the budgets of a small business. Insightly is ideal for a small dynamic business which is expanding.

It starts out with very basic stuff and can be expanded further up as the business grows. All of this can be done on a very low budget. The free plan allows 3 users which can store 2500 records. For the featured plan it costs as low as $12 per month per user. Many small businesses use it because of its low cost feature as compared to other big CRMs.

Small businesses do not want to go in complications; Insightly saves users from that too. It offers a really easy to use interface which can be understood by any non-technical person. Everything is put in front of you to choose from including Products, Contacts, Tasks, Opportunities and Projects.

However one bas aspect of Insightly was the lack of customisable reports. Very limited number of reporting features are what caused dismay in its users. However a small business usually doesn’t require detailed reporting as big businesses do.

Salesforce (Small Business Solution)

Another great CRM for small businesses but not micro is Salesforce (Small Business). Small businesses usually require only one thing, that’s boosting sales and driving customers happy. Salesforce does just that. It can help you get a systematic way of converting leads into sales and satisfied customers.

It is cloud based CRM to effectively solve your problems. Thanks to being on Cloud your database remains secure. Communication channels are tunnelled and encrypted in a secure network. It includes all features from Contact management, opportunity management, lead generation and many more. All of these are provided with easy to use interface. Access to data can be made from anywhere through Salesforce, even on mobiles.

All Data is displayed in a simple manner for users to view easily. Features do not require training or complex learning procedures to get started with. Non-technical person can easily get used to all of its features without any problem.

One of the major things that make Salesforce shine over others is the amount of customisation it allows. You can customise any part of its core functionalities to fit your exact needs which might change in future. Expansion can easily be adjusted using Salesforce because of it being an adaptive platform.

Its limitations are pretty strong too. One is its complexity and the other its price. Even though it’s good being feature rich but for micro businesses this is not a good choice.  Really small businesses have no use of many features which it has on offer.

Moreover this price is a bit too high of it. It starts at $25 per month per user. This is quite high as compared to Insightly which starts for free (for three users) and increases to being $11 per month per user.

Zoho CRM

CRM are very particular type of software which is more or less used for similar purposes. These include driving sales through efficient contacts management. Many businesses are in no need of complex reporting features or very detailed insight on their customers. Choosing a CRM can be a difficult decision especially when most of these cost you monthly subscriptions per user.

These are expensive software which the business might not even want or the cost-effectiveness might not be achieved through it. To avoid all of these issues what your business requires is a fully featured CRM with Zero Cost. If that is your motivation then Zoho CRM is the best one in town. It’s a web based CRM which will perform all the functions of a typical CRM software.

Zoho CRM allows 10 users in the free version. It gives small business enough juice to start up and start managing sales. Automation of processes can also be done on it. The Zoho Mobile app allows users to access the data while on their smartphones.

If at any point you think that the simple features of Zoho does not fulfil your business expanding needs. The premium version is available at $12 per month per user. This is still significantly lower than other options that you have.

Its limitations include it being clunky and not very easy to use. Another drawback it has is the unavailability of phone support for free users. Onlythe premium users get this service. This results in making the whole understanding part difficult for end user.

vTiger CRM Software – Open Source CRM

crm-strategy (1)

CRM software is used to enhance effectiveness of a business in its dealings with customers. vTiger CRM provides a highly customisable open source platform. It allows many great CRM features to be used like email marketing, lead generation, document management and contacts managementetc. A customer portal allows customers to more freely look for what they want.

Open source platform allows users to customise it to fit their business needs. Not many CRMs allow for that level of customisation. The schemes they have on offer will help your business get a kick start. Discussions would allow a better understanding of your business needs and requirements.

Moreover that they are cheesy enough to get you migration services from other CRM platforms. These services include getting your vTiger get ready by using the data from your existing CRM. Email marketing campaigns allow for 10 to 25 thousand Emails per month and more in their email plans.

Different packages allow you to choose according to your business needs. Smaller businesses can start up with Support or Sales packages with as low as $10 / month. For heavy businesses a $25 / month package is available which gives advanced features to users including Building custom modules for CRM.

Its limitations include lack of Coding Documentation that can make it quite a challenge to create a custom module. The back end of admin panel does not contain any themes to make it look better. Lot of customisation can break up other modules, fixing them can be hectic.


It is best to get that CRM for your business which will fit your specifications criteria. Also keep in mind the economic factor, being the monthly subscription fee. It can affect your decision badly especially if you run a SME. Larger businesses should look for those CRM Solutions which allow customisation. Off-the-shelf software usually do not accommodate business specific requirements. We hope that the above guide assists you in choosing the right CRM package for your business.

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