• Increase Your Online Bookings

    Trouble Free Online Booking

    Vehicle Serve comes up with a tailor made online booking for your business which is very easy to use for your client and very simple for you to manage. This management system goes beyond call to actions and rapidly increase your bookings. Client will be provided a whole lot options to choose a vehicle to hire.

    Complete Track of Rental Enquiries

    A complete track of your all rental enquiries will be updated automatically with each enquiry. You can view and manage rental enquiries which are synced regularly.

    Present your Customer an Instant Quote Online

    If your customer is unsure about the tariff you can accommodate them with an instant quote; again tailor made for your business needs. Hence, you can retain much of your potential customers.

    Stay updated with Vehicle Dairy to Check on Booking Schedule

    Vehicle diary is also integrated into the system to check the vehicle status whether it is booked or not, or in the workshop. The diary is frequently synchronised with the booking and maintenance module.

Increase Your Online Bookings
Increase Your Online Bookings
  • All Vehicle Alerts and Reminders at One Place

    Retain your Potential Customers with One-Way Hire Rate Calculator

    If your customers need one way-hire you can accommodate them an instant hire rate calculator so they don’t need to go anywhere, all their needs are taken care in the system.

    Improve your Sales by Offering Various Tariffs to Clients

    It is common that every customer landed to your page won’t be linear to your rates, this hazard is catered by presenting your customers all sorts of tariffs according to your business which ultimately improve your sales in a fair deal.


  • Central Response Manager to Deal with your Website Enquiries Efficiently

    Make your Operation more Efficient with Central Response Manager

    You don’t need to navigate much as a central response manager is integrated in to the system to monitor all sorts of updates whether a car booking, your fleet management, car maintenance and insurance updates, or responding to any instant quote by the customer.

    Make your Customers Feel Special with Quick Response to their Enquiries

    Vehicle Serve cares for your customer satisfaction accommodating them with a right away response so they could feel special, which ultimately increase your customer retention.

    Increase your Profitability by Responding to Customers Professionally

    Vehicle Serve comes with responses which are systematic and professional which go hand in hand with quick human responses. Ultimately your customer feels special and get a professional instant response which exponentially increase your profit value.

Increase Your Online Bookings
Increase Your Online Bookings
  • Centralised Customer Information and Booking History

    Keep the Database of all Information your Customers 

    You don’t need to maintain a separate log yourself. All the information regarding your customer came from a quick quote or a booking enquiry is automatically logged into the database which is readily available to you to monitor from the centralised customer management system.

    Contact with your Existing customers with their identified wants

    Beyond lead generation Vehicle Serve comes with customer services options for your existing clients. Whatever their needs are, with an instant feedback could be passed over the appropriate channel.

    Know the Status of your customer’s Credit History

    Maintain a complete track of your customer’s history. When your customer booked a car or asked for a quick quote or enquired for any services, everything is synced to the database and you can monitor from the centralised response manager.

    Follow all the Booking History of your Clients

    Track your bookings regarding any vehicle or any particular customers.

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