Student Residence Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Access in Student Residence

Providing a solid Wi-Fi internet access in Student Residence is a vital requirement. Wi-Fi in Student Residence is required in order for students to get on with their studies. As such understandably Student Resdidence Wi-Fi is heavily used and if it hasn’t been setup correctly or doesn’t have the right infrastructure to support it then it’ll basically become unusable and that for demanding students depending on internet access is not acceptable.



Wi-Fi Access

in Student Residence


Reliable and Fast Wi-Fi Solutions

Reliable and Fast Wi-Fi Solutions

SenServe delivers reliable and fast Wi-Fi solutions for your student residence. We not only provide a high speed Wi-Fi connection, but also ensure complete security of your network from internal and external intrusion. The Wi-Fi solution guarantees that every resident will have a strong reliable connect for all of their devices so they can access everything they need without having the whole network come grinding to a halt because someone was downloading some large or streaming media content.


Wi-Fi Solutions Process

Step 1

Wi-Fi Installation Requirement

Estimate time and cost of your project based on requirements

Step 2

Site Survey for Wi-Fi Installation

Identify any possible black spots and obstacles which may interfere with your Wi-Fi and coverage

Step 3

Wi-Fi Installation

Our team will go ahead and deploy your Wi-Fi for you and make sure that it’s up to your needs

Step 4

Wi-Fi Support

Offer 30 days after install support to make sure you are getting what you’ve paid for

Why SenServe for Wi-Fi Solutions

  • Quality Wi-Fi Installation completed by trained staff ensuring a high quality installation and great coverage across the site.
  • Our Technicians also providing a site survey to ensure seamless connectivity across the site.
  • High quality devices supplied with every solution, from cloud managed, plug and play devices, to robust routers.

  • Network Analysis

    We first take a look at your current infrastructure, this will allow us to identify faults and where things can be improved for you. We carry out this analyse so that we can deliver you a solution that works, fits within your budget and is what you need.

  • Installation

    Installation is carried out by a qualified friendly engineer that gets things done the way they should be. Our engineers have had years of experience and are up for any possible challenge that might come their way.

  • Education

    We take time to educate users on their new Wi-Fi setup, telling them about how to get onto the WiFi and advise them on any possible security threats that may arise so they are never caught out and are aware.

  • Premium Wi-Fi Solutions

    Premium Wi-Fi Solutions provided can be setup for different levels of privileges.

  • Block or Restrict Wi-Fi Access

    Our solution could provide content filtered capped broadband for free users, such as those in a hotel lobby, or provide a pay for usage scheme for hotel rooms, providing uncapped Wi-Fi, whilst keeping each separate and secure.

  • Wi-Fi Support

    We offer 1st class support after we’re finished installing your Wi-Fi system. We take charge of any issues you’re having and make sure you get back up and running as quickly as possible.

  • My type of business isn’t listed above, would you still be able to help?

    Of course! Contact us and tell us your requirement/problem and we’re sure we’ll be able to help you

  • We have an old building with thick walls, can you help with Wi-Fi coverage?

    Yes we have many years of experience dealing with older buildings that can block Wi-Fi signals and we have many solutions to get around this issue.

  • Isn’t Wi-Fi insecure?

    Yes Wi-Fi is insecure due to anyone in the area being able to intercept the Wi-Fi signal. But it is the most convenient way to rollout and connect to the internet. At SenServe our Wi-Fi systems are setup to be secure with active encryption so that you and your users will always be protected.

  • Should I be concerned about someone using all my bandwidth?

    No, when SenServe setup your Wi-Fi we put in place bandwidth allocation rules which make it impossible for someone to come in and grind your internet connection down to a halt.

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