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Server Migration for Accountants

Server Migration for Accountants

We offer server migration for accountants practices.

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Server Migration for Care Homes

Server Migration for Care Homes

Server migration for care homes.

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Server Migration for Hotels

Server Migration for Hotels

Migration for servers used in hotels that are critical for business.

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Server Migration for Offices

Server Migration for Offices

Server migration for office environments.

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Server Migration for Law Firms

Server Migration for Law Firms

Server migration for Law firms with sensitive legal data.

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Server Migration for Education

Server Migration for Education

Server migration to keep up with the next generation of Schools, Colleges and Universities.

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Server Migration for Engineering

Server Migration for Engineering

Migration for servers used in engineering firms.

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Server Migration for other Sectors

Server Migration for other Sectors

Servers are used for everywhere at SenServe we can provide support these sectors and various types.

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  • Dealing with the hassle of Server upgrades

    Upgrading your server(s) can be a nightmare, from finding the right server to upgrade to and actually migrating your current server. At SenServe we have years of experience dealing with servers and enterprise solutions to provide you with the best solution possible. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Copying your data and network settings, passwords etc across from your old sever.

    We’ll set up your new server and migratate everything across so everything is just as it was on the old server. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Is your Server running slow, crashing frequently, running out of disk space or unable to run certain applications?

    If you’ve had your current server for a few years then these are the warning signs that your server needs some attention, that maybe just upgrading a few components in your current server to a whole new server. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Server being the heart of your network and business

    You always want to make sure your server is running at its peak and powers through your applications to keep your business running smoothly. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • We take care of everything Server related

    From finding the right server for your business to the actual migration itself. We strive to make sure you’re back up and running as soon as possible and making sure the upgrade process goes as smoothly as possible. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Making sure that all of the computers can connect back up to the new Server.

    We’ll test and make sure that everything works just as it should do. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Setting up backups on your new Server; on-site and offsite.

    We’ll configure your backups so that all your data is safe, we also offer an offsite backup service in case of a fire or flood in the building giving that extra peace of mind that all your valuable data is safe and sound. Contact Us to Get a quote

Server Migration Process

Step 1

Analysing and Quoting

Analyse your current server and network configuration and see what your requirements are, we take this information and price up a server for what you actually need giving you the best server for the best price by comparing the market.

Step 2

Server Migration

We migrate in the most efficient way possible moving all your data, network settings and user accounts over to your new server from your old one. We work flexible hours including overnight and over the weekend too so your down time is kept to a minimum.

Step 3

System Floor Walk

After the migration is done we make sure that all machines on your network can connect and all applications, settings, network drives and network printers function as they did before. We check with all users by going around checking to see if everything works as it did.

Step 4


We can provide server support after your migration is complete giving you peace of mind that your new server is being administered properly.

Why SenServe for Server Migration

  • Independent Server Specialist: We are independent from any server manufacturer or supplier meaning that we can also get the best server at the best price to fill your requirement
  • Certified Server Engineer: All of our engineers are Microsoft certified and have the expertise and experience to carried out any server task
  • Active Directory and Group policy Experts: We can setup support and resolve any active directory issues and queries you have even if they are just small jobs like adding user accounts we’ll be able to support you.
  • Server Virtualisation Services: We offer virtualisation services which can benefit your business for more information click here for a virtualisation services.

  • Nationwide Server support

    We cover the whole of the UK and Ireland and will be able to support you no matter where you’re located or the type of business you have. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Out of office hours Server Support

    We work both within and out of the office hours to minimise your downtime and make sure you can work without IT systems going down for us to work on them. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Pay as you go ad-hoc Server Support

    Our ad-hoc support means you won’t be tied down to a contract and will be billed per use. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Terminal Server Support Specialists

    We have specialists who deal with terminal servers either local or on the cloud. They’ll be able to help you take your business forward in new directions with deploying/upgrading or migrating your terminal server. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Fixed cost server support

    We will give you a price for the job that we’re doing, we believe this is the fairest way to provide support as you’re paying us for per job rather than a per hour basis which may be more costly. Contact Us to Get a quote

  • Server Hardware Issues

    We can diagnose, replace and upgrade any hardware in server which may be causing you problems or is slowing down your server Contact us to Get a quote

  • Server Virus Removal

    Infected servers are one of the biggest threats that face companies who rely on their IT. A virus on the server could gain control and comprise all of your network and data. SenServe are experts in removing these dangerous kinds of virus’ from servers. Contact us to Get a quote

  • We have a windows server 2003 setup in our company can we upgrade to windows 2012/2016?
    Yes, you can and SenServe can perform the migration. Many companies are starting to phase out 2003 as it is coming to its end of life.
  • We have no idea how our server was setup and we are concerned about upgrading

    At SenServe we have year of experience dealing with all kinds of configurations of servers there is nothing we can’t manage.

  • We have an old slow server should we upgrade?
    Yes, it would be a waste of time and resources trying to fix/upgrade an old server instead migrating to a newer server is more logical and more beneficial.

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