JM Serve for Estate Agent Benefits

  • Manage and updating your website from one place will keep everything nice and simple due to the fact you’ll be used to the JMS. Another benefits is that you’ll only need one the system, our JMS
  • Integrating your properties with well-known and wide spread portals will expand your reach regionally and nationally.
  • By using the JMS to track all your leads and managing them the JMS will help you turn those leads to sales opportunities to actual sales.
  • A database of all your potential clients will come in useful for when you’re making sales as the database will be filled with such information as who they are, their budget, their location etc.
  • A list of all your properties configured to notify you about any upcoming maintenance, sales, and repairs needed, rent needed etc.
  • User friendly reports for key areas of your business, reports are easy to read and understand while being detailed and thorough.
  • A tablet application for your business. This will allow for quicker and more efficient work flow as staff can update properties while on site/ upload pictures straight from their tablets to the website, get details on property maintenance tasks etc.
  • Archiving documents by scanning them into our system is simple and easy to do. By doing this you can save on paper being used, time spent for searching for documents and security because it’s now digital and can be encrypted.
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