JM Serve for Commercial Cleaner Benefits

  • Having all the current jobs in one place makes it easier to organise and makes sure that all the jobs are complete on time
  • Easy to manage jobs by view their progression and status. This will allow you to better manage staff and resources according to the importance of the job.
  • Jobs that require specialist materials, equipment, vehicles and staff can be ordered, managed and organised in one place, the JMS
  • Allowing you set up automatic invoices for regular jobs and customers reducing time spend doing repetitive tasks, you can also set up a manual one as well for the less frequent jobs.
  • Creation of reports allows you see what jobs staff have been allocated to do and if that job has been completed. You will also be able to view and print out reports on your equipment, vehicles and materials.
  • Integration with accounting packages makes it easy to keep track of company accounts and spending all from one place.
  • Keep a track of potential leads to follow up on from the JMS
  • Generate professional quotes giving your business a great image to customers
  • A tablet application for your business. This will allow for quicker and more efficient job tracking as staff on the field can accurately update their job status. Jobs can be assigned on the go, since all the information is readily available in front of staff mistakes are minimised
  • Manage stock and consumables and keep an eye on levels making sure they don’t go too low.
  • User friendly reports are quick and easy to make and view, with a few clicks generate a report which everyone can easily read and understand.
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