Hospitality Wi-Fi! Monitor Traffic and Users Connected To the Internet

Providing a solid Wi-Fi internet access to customers is no longer a luxury demanded by the few but rather is demanded by all. In these new modern times Wi-Fi access in hospitality environments is becoming the norm.

Identify Network Performance and Monitor for Malicious Activity

SenServe-WiFi-SolutionsHaving a Wi-Fi network which is open to different users, needs to be monitored for security and performance reasons, many businesses grade Wi-Fi routers and access points have features which allow you to monitor traffic and users connected to the network. This can be useful for identifying performance thresholds or malicious activity for example if someone was committing a man in the middle attack, routing all traffic within a certain range or network through their device and saving all information that passes through it, then on the network monitor it will show a high usage spike due to all the routed date go through one device. A good Wi-Fi router should have the option to operate on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz bandwidths. This is because 2.4GHz is used by a whole spectrum of devices so when you’re in an environment where you have many devices operating on the same frequency and some connecting to the same location then you’re bound to run into interference from other devices.


wifi-solutions-for-hotelsSecure Wi-Fi in Hotels

One of the most common malicious Wi-Fi attack isn’t even on the hotel’s Wi-Fi. A lot of the time you might see two Wi-Fi networks both with the same name (SSID) and sometimes password. This is an Evil twin of the legit Wi-Fi and it is only there to gather personal details that are entered during the session. Hotels can put procedures in such as having a login page when you connect asking for a reference number which guests can get when they check in, this means that guests will know that they’re using the legit Wi-Fi and not the malicious one because only the hotel and the guest know the reference number.


Platforms! Custom Made Hospitality Wi-Fi Solution

If you’re a hotel owner and wanting a Wi-Fi network put in place your best bet is get a custom made one. This will ensure that the Wi-Fi network put in place is the right one for your business. A custom made Wi-Fi solution will make sure that;

  • No Dead spots: Dead spots in a hotel will be invertible (especially if the hotel is large with multiple floors), Dead spots can be reduced by a custom solution which will plan out such things as Wi-Fi access points which will deliver extra range and coverage throughout the building.
  • Security: A custom Wi-Fi solution will take into account the many security threats out there and implement a solution that can deal with them the best it can. Providers of custom Wi-Fi solutions may also provide support for threats if and when they may occur. There are many business grade routers that can deal with security threats so having a custom Wi-Fi solution put into place will ensure that the right router is selected.
  • Login Front Page: A custom hospitality Wi-Fi solution will also include a login page for when people login. This is completely customisable allowing guests to login with a reference number and password.
  • Performance: A custom solution will take into account the average amount of devices will be logged onto the Wi-Fi. Most guests may have 2, 3 or even more devices connected to the Wi-Fi so the Wi-Fi infrastructure will need to deal with this heavy load, having multiple bandwidths which the Wi-Fi can utilise is always a strong feature to have. If guests desire to have more bandwidth allocated to them then a custom solution can set up a payment system where guests can be charged for extra bandwidth.
  • With the ability for remote support problems can be addressed the same day!


SenServe Limited’s Comprehensive Wi-Fi solutions and support

Senserve can deliver a customer Wi-Fi tailored to your Hotel to give you great performance, coverage, management security and support. With a high quality Wi-Fi solution implemented in your hotel customers will no doubt enjoy this extra luxury. SenServe Limited has the experience and expertise to deliver a great Wi-Fi solution call or E-Mail about how we can help.

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