Every Business’ Need – IT Infrastructure

Having a Proper IT Infrastructure established at your Business is critical for your success. It is important that IT is embedded within all your business processes for effective management. Rising competition in the market has forced everyone to take their first step towards implementing IT at business.

SenServe Limited offers a Huge Variety of Services for your IT infrastructure. Operating as an IT solutions provider SenServe Limited employs technical professionals who can make your business up and running.


Services Offered by SenServe

Excelling as the best IT Solutions Provider for businesses, SenServe takes pride in the wide variety of services that are offered. Services on offer include:


  • Infrastructure Services
  • Infrastructure Solutions
  • IT System Support & Services
  • IT Consultation


Infrastructure Services

Businesses require effectiveness and flexibility in their processes to succeed in the market. Greater flexibility ensures that the dynamic demands are fulfilled as they arise.


SenServe’s Cloud Computing Services will make your resources available for to all users from devices connected to a shared network. The data is stored over the cloud and can be accessed from any part of the world if access is granted.

The whole structure on Cloud based servers would ensure that work can be done while being away from office. Employees have the ease of being able to use the data from any part of the world through internet enhancing productivity.

Businesses need to have a Data Centre Facilities Management in order to have your whole database facilitated. SenServe will make sure that your website will be monitored 24/7 and periodic maintenance is provided for your system.

Growing with an IT Infrastructure makes it necessary for any business to have it running smoothly. This requires support from those who keep expertise to help you out. SenServe provides a one-point communication channel for all your service requests.

Your whole network is on the Internet, including the virtual workstations and database on cloud. SenServe provides Remote Infrastructure services through which problems are resolved in a cost effective manner remotely.

You might have an existing infrastructure put it but which is inefficient and unreliable. Transforming it into an efficient one can usually take up a lot of costs. SenServe ensures that this transformation of your Infrastructure is done cost effectively.

Infrastructure Solutions

Decisions relating to Sales, Marketing, and Customer Relationship etc. demand your time and effort. You can outsource your IT infrastructure to SenServe to save you the time for more important matters. Problems will be resolved as they arise.


Your business needs alignment with those of the functionalities of IT Infrastructure for effective operation. SenServe can deliver you with solutions that allows your business goals to be congruent with what the IT system is providing.

Virtualisation is on the rise, it involves making most out of limited computer hardware. SenServe provides solutions which can make your whole IT Infrastructure run on Virtual Workstations. This will save you time and data loss instances are reduced.

It is far easier to have one integrated network in place rather than a different hardware to perform individual functions. SenServe provides solutions which can make your Business Network Integrated delivering you IP Communications, Wireless networking and network Security.

Your Database and Network are at a security risk. Network expansion on immediate means can be quite expensive. SenServe can make it go cloud. With this your database will be secured with Backups, virtual workstations will be available on demand and complete disaster recovery will be possible.

IT Systems and Services


Law requires that the IT System is in compliance with Audit Requirements. SenServe provides services to make it possible for your current network to be in compliance with all Legal requirements. This will save you penalisation costs.

In case of any Disaster there needs to be a proper plan for complete recovery. SenServe provides services to make your business a Continuity plan to thoroughly assess the whole procedure of going back into work if a major disaster incurs.

Transformation to an effective IT infrastructure requires Database Consolidation for easy migration to the new system. SenServe provides services for Data centre optimisation for better outcomes. Along with that SenServe can help you through its Mainframe consulting services for any issues with your system.

SenServe provides Governance services to look over the whole system. Gives you control over the decision making process. Allows you to monitor the performance of individual sections of the whole IT infrastructure.


Having an IT infrastructure in place requires technical consulting with those who know each end of it. Experience and Expertise both matter in this case. SenServe takes pride in having professionals who have both. All your IT problems will be solved and will be explained to you in an easy-to-understand friendly manner.

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