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We develop open-source websites with no technology lock-ins. SenServe’s on site E-commerce team has an extensive variety of knowledge and experience with implementation approaches and development models. No matter if you are new to the ecommerce market space or an experienced trouper, every single business can benefit from our streamlined ecommerce Solutions. Feel free to ask our team on how to engage in E-Commerce, we are ready to create the ultimate online solutions tailored to your needs for your business. Are you interested in selling your products and services online? Increase your revenue by having a 24/7 outlet for your business where customers can place orders whenever they want.

Please contact us and learn how our e-commerce solution and shopping cart will benefit your business and how we differ from the others.

Our Capabilities

  • Our Skills
    • ✓ HTML 5
    • ✓ Microsoft .Net, ASP
    • ✓ PHP, Java
    • ✓ Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL
    • ✓ Open Cart
    • ✓ OS Commerce
  • Features and Benefits
    • Open Source: Based on open source technology meaning no licences to pay and you’re not stuck with one technology company
    • Integration: Integrates with your existing stock control or inventory system
    • Global Sale: Sell products globally cater for different currencies and offer your global visitors the choice of language in which they want to browse through your online shop
    • Payment Gateways: Integrate online payment gateways such as PayPal, Google Checkout, Sage Pay, credit and debit cards- almost 20 payment gateways to integrate to
    • Postal Services Integration: Integrate with the postal companies systems so you can track the status of the shipped item
    • Dashboard: Powerful dashboard and reporting features giving you an insight of your current sales, orders, shipping status
    • Built-in Search Engine Optimisation: Attract new and unique customers to your site
    • Unlimited Items: Add unlimited products, unlimited categories and manufacturers
    • Product Reviews: Let your satisfied customers sing advertise the products for you
    • Secure and Compliant: Completely secure and PCI compliant
    • Variable Tax & VAT: Different VAT and Tax rates depending on the region you’re trading and products you’re selling
    • Discount & Gift Cards: Multi-buy discounts gift cards and coupons
    • Weight & Shipping Calculator: Weight calculation and shipping options
  • Online Shopping Cart

    We can develop an ecommerce website for you, with unlimited features enabling you to grow your online business. With features like multi lingual and multi-currency support, you can easily tap into other markets with more than twenty payment gate ways to integrate to. Amazingly powerful dashboard with real-time insights of your product orders, sales and shipping status. Built in Search Engine Optimisation enables you to attract more and more customers, you can add unlimited catalogues, products and manufacturers. We can develop and design an online shopping cart system for your business with all the ecommerce tools, essential for you to successfully start trading online. The main features of our ecommerce solution are:

    • ✓ Powerful Dashboard with real time reporting
    • ✓ More than twenty Payment Gateways
    • ✓ Open Source, with no technology lock-ins
    • ✓ Postal Services Integration
    • ✓ Built in Search Engine Optimisation
    • ✓ Built in Variable Tax and VAT Calculators
    • ✓ Built in Discount and Gift Cards options
    • ✓ Weight and Shipping Calculators
  • Mobile & Tablet Friendly Ecommerce website

    Attract more visitors to your online shopping cart and e-commerce website by making it mobile and tablet friendly. Make your customers and potential buyers feel welcomed when they want to make a purchase using a mobile or tablet. By adding features like:

    • ✓ We provide you a Content Management System for your mobile shopping cart so you can make changes yourself and save costs.
    • ✓ We also integrate the orders coming from the mobile e-commerce site with your inventory and stock control system.
    • ✓ Click to call- your potential customers will be able to ring you with ease.
    • ✓ We create your mobile shopping cart and e-commerce website without touching or making any changes to your main website so there’s no disruption.
    • ✓ We enable your customers to view the product catalogue, images and description in the correct resolution so they don’t have problems making a decision on whether to complete the sale or not.
    • ✓ We also include your social media links in your mobile shopping cart to ensure your mobile visitors stay connected with you.

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Our unique Website Development Services includes

Agile Methodology

We use agile methodology to develop and deliver the web solutions. Agile method allows us to work in parallel where we build system modules simultaneously for speed and less dependence. Agile methodology also allows us to make change in individual module instead of changing the system on a whole when a change is required.

Open Source

Where practical, we explore the option of customising an open source solution for your business so that you can benefit from the licence free model of open source solution and have it tailored to suit your business needs.

Integration and Synchronisation

We can also help integrating, streamlining and synchronising existing software solutions deployed within your organisation by developing drivers and connectors. These drivers and connectors link various databases and present results that matters for your business.

Databases and Reporting Experts

Our team can develop custom database applications, web (internal and external) applications, customised reporting from existing systems (Crystal Reports etc.).

Free no-obligation pre-sales

We offer free no-obligation pre-sales advice will help you gain confidence in skilled services that we have to offer

Flexible service offering

The flexibility of the cost model means that we can work with you based on your budget, compliance requirement and business objectives.

Specialists a phone call away

Our specialists have acquired advanced working knowledge of various web development and database systems and be happy to help.

Work with your IT Team

We can either work as your main contact for putting together the right web based solutions or work with your existing development team to implement the right solution for the business.


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