Deploying Wi-Fi in the Hospitality Industry including Hotels, Condos and Apartments

Deploying Wi-Fi in an environment where you’ll have multiple users in possibly a large multi floored building needs to meet certain criteria that a normal home Wi-Fi solution cannot possibly provide without being compromised in some way or another.

Some crucial points for the deployment must reach are;

  • Range and Signal Strength:Normal Wi-Fi solutions are good for just 2 to 3 floored houses with a few users on them, but when you have a hotel or apartment sized building you’re going to need a solution, where the entire building is covered with no dead spots. In an environment like this you’ll have multiple users with potentially multiple devices connected to the Wi-Fi, which can only lead to heavy traffic causing the Wi-Fi network to slowdown a bit on the motorway during rush hour.
  • Security and Malicious Behavior:With so many users connected to your network then a few bad users can attempt to hack your account. In order to resolve these issues, measures must be in place to prevent such attacks


Keeping Guests Happy and Coming Back — With Simply Better Wireless

About 74% of the guests prefer a free Wi-Fi connection over a free breakfast. Statistics show that average number of devices per guest is two, a hotel with minimum hundred rooms at full occupancy, means that almost 100 to 150 devices will be connected to the Wi-Fi and a person spends an average of 70 to 90 minutes per day on their smartphones. This demands that your Wi-Fi connection should be dependable and with no signal interruptions and no weak signal problems. Moreover, statistics prove that 51% of corporate travelers, book hotels with Wi-Fi connection, about 79% of the travelers return to the same hotel if they get a good Wi-Fi connection. This means that a good Wi-Fi Connection is a very basic element, which directly impacts customer retention and service.

How can SenServe help you?

Looking for a Wi-Fi solution to enhance your customer experience? SenServe Limited brings reliable and fast Wi-Fi solutions for your hotel. We not only provide a high speed Wi-Fi connection, but also ensure complete security of your network from internal and external intrusion. The Wi-Fi solution guarantees that every stayer, hotel staff and managers are granted controlled access to the network, so that the guests cannot log into the hotel’s confidential data, and similarly, the hotel staff doesn’t log into any of the guests’ network data profile.

Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi Access points

wifi-solutions-for-hotels (2)

For either an existing Wi-Fi network in need of an upgrade/range extending or setting up a new Wi-Fi network in need of access points Cisco Meraki Wi-Fi Access points are worth considering with a strong signal decent range and able to managed via a cloud based system so you can access the access point anywhere in the world e.g. if you’re on holiday and want to see how your Wi-Fi is doing. It is secure and able to handle multiple users joining it.

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Three radios are better than one



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