Customer Relationship Management System for Businesses

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is actually a business tool that allows you to manage all your customers, partners, leads and prospects information, centrally at one place. It is one of the most important tools being used in businesses for better insights and productivity. Keeping aside the nature of business, almost every business involves heavy document management, data and information flows, client records, product insights and the like. Hence it seems much inconvenient to handle such details manually. CRM software streamlines all of the business processes by automating them centrally at a searchable repository. For most of the time, CRM is thought to have been associated with the large businesses or the businesses that involves selling and invoicing on a large scale. However, business CRM software has always been a mandatory tool to support business efficiency and productivity.

Senserve CRM Solutions

Getting a CRM for your Business

Several buyers’ guides are published with an objective to help you choose the best CRM package as per your business needs, and avoid any of the nasty scenarios. The most important thing to care of is to acknowledge the differences between CRM software and a heavy-duty Contact Management System. On operational grounds, a Contact Management System and CRM are two different management tools, those shouldn’t be intermingled. However, over the recent years, the line between CRM and Contact Management System got blurred and from functional perspective, a Contact Management System when equipped with some additional modules well served the purpose of CRM for small scale businesses.

Aims and Objectives of a Business CRM

Good practice CRM requires that you are clear in your strategy about what your business aims and objectives are. This heavily depends on the type of organisation in which you are based and also on what the specific aims and objectives might be. Among the major aims is the development of standardised processes and procedures across the business organisation. You need to understand your relationships with your current customers to drive new business opportunities.

SenServe’s Web-based CRM Software for Businesses

SenServe Limited is a team of IT experts and professionals, dedicated to provide the best suited solutions for your business, in order to keep up with the digital market and keep fulfilling dynamic business requirements. They offer a better solution to automate business processes like an Online Database (Microsoft Access, SQL database) once used to do along with some limitations. Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is something more than just software. It has transformed the weaknesses of traditional business management tools into its strengths. Senserve limited is considered to be among the Customer-Relationship-Management-Systemslist of leading vendors when it comes to CRM. We aim to automate your business routines in a systematic and orderly fashion, while reducing operational costs and maximising the profits and efficiency. From document management to complete business automation, SenServe’s online cloud based CRM does it all for your business. Our intelligently programmed CRM system can surely be of assistance as it can easily be customised to integrate with your existing business systems. We offer technology independent solutions to best meet the client requirements within the specified budget, instead of just advertising a particular product. Our primary focus is always upon the clients’ requirements and their business needs. Document Management, scanning and archiving are all interlinked and are further integrated with your business CRM. We use connectors and database linking techniques to allow your document management systems and your existing web based systems to communicate with each other in a streamlined fashion. The CRM software provides a web based interface providing you with the platform to share business documents within your business organisation and with the clients too. The CRM System by SenServe is equipped by several useful and powerful features that add to the business productivity:



  • Client Portal – A client portal is integrated with the CRM software to empower your business clients with live information. Your clients are enabled to view updated records and files and are also offered improved customer care services. You can let your customers view the progress of their request or project. The client portal also drives new opportunities for better customer management and services.
  • Project Management –Manage all of your projects systematically by keeping things together and monitoring the progress of on-going business tasks and activities. You can create projects signed with different clients. Milestones can be set and tasks are assigned to the users. The progress of all the on-going projects is tracked and is maintained on the summary page.
  • Calendar and Task Manager – Our CRM comes with features like built-in calendar and task manager to let you manage all of your upcoming business routines and appointments and synchronise your tasks accordingly. You have the option of sharing the calendars and reflect appointments for leads, clients and other associated business bodies or stakeholders.
  • Document Management – Eliminate the need of managing bulks of documents and other data manually. With our CRM software, document management is automated to ensure the safety and availability of required data. The CRM allows you to store and organize files using the document management system.
  • Business Intelligence Reports – Important data is extracted from different projects and an overall report is generated to give insights of business progress for better planning of business strategies for the future. The charts will be used to measure the stats of a certain report. You can also make a custom chart with just a few easy steps.


SenServe’s CRM Software in a Nutshell

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables today’s businesses to coupe with operational challenges, which include all sorts of business transactions, sales and purchase monitoring, tracking payments and profits and the like. Manually managing these operations and ensuring quality business in parallel, turns out to be cumbersome. Such business routines need to be automated seamlessly, for improved business productivity. SenServe’s CRM software can be of intact assistance to manage for you, your business routines with greater efficiency. From document management to sales and profit monitoring, the CRM is equipped to accomplish all of the business routines that come in between. You can get your business CRM software from us today! Contact us now to get to know more about our CRM solution or to acquire one for your business. We are always pleased to serve.

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