CRM Software Integration and Customisation!

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software enables today’s businesses to coupe with operational challenges, which include all sorts of business transactions, sales and purchase monitoring, tracking payments and profits and the like. Manually managing these operations and ensuring quality business in parallel, turns out to be cumbersome. Such business routines need to be automated seamlessly, for improved business productivity. CRM software can be of intact assistance to manage for you, your business routines with greater efficiency. From document management to sales and profit monitoring, CRM is equipped to accomplish all of the business routines that come in between.

What makes SenServe Special in CRM’s Customisation?

SenServe Limited is dedicated to provide top quality IT solutions and services to businesses, irrespective of their scale. Whether your business runs on a small scale or on a large scale, we have CRM software for you, intelligently customised to fulfil all of your dynamic business requirements.

Get your CRM integrated with your existing IT Infrastructure:

Are you new to business? Contact us now and get a CRM today. We are always available at your service with complete IT solutions not only for large businesses, but for the smaller ones as well.

Our CRM is furnished with miscellaneous features that are integrated to help you get more out of your business.

  1. Client Portal – A client portal is integrated with the CRM software to empower your business clients with live information. Your clients are enabled to view updated records and files and are also offered customer care services.
  2. Project Management – Manage all of your projects systematically by keeping things together and monitoring the progress of on-going business tasks and activities.
  3. Calendar and Task Manager – Our CRM comes with features like built-in calendar and task manager to let you manage all of your upcoming business routines and appointments and synchronise your tasks accordingly.
  4. Document Management – Eliminate the need of managing bulks of documents and other data manually. With our CRM software, document management is automated to ensure the safety and availability of required data.
  5. Business Intelligent Reports – Important data is extracted from different projects and an overall report is generated to give insights of business progress for better planning of strategies in future.


Latest Launch of SenServe Limited:  SenServe introduces a CRM for Law Associates


SenServe launches customised CRM software (online database management system) to centrally manage business routines of solicitors

SenServe recognises the complexities associated with the business routines of solicitors. With bulks of data and documents that need to be managed along with a broad client domain, it becomes much challenging to execute all of the business routines seamlessly. To accomplish this, SenServe Limited brings you intelligent CRM software that is elegantly customised to fulfil the business requirements of law associates. SenServe’s CRM for solicitors is equipped with up-to-date technological solutions that automate the business processes for greater efficiency and improved productivity. Our CRM is empowered with simple yet powerful IT-oriented business tools:

  1. With Customer management system (CRM) that automates all of your business processes, you are enabled to manage all of your workflows at a central place, systematically and in a streamlined fashion.
  2. We have integrated a customer portal with our CRM software to grant live information to the customers by communicating and sharing the updated files and related records.
  3. Document and file management systems eliminate the cumbersome manual work that was once required to maintain business documents. Our CRM offers cloud based document management solutions to ensure document safety and availability for you.
  4. With our customised CRM, you can not only  manage your business with greater efficiency, but can also expand your business via email marketing by sending mails to the clients and getting insights of the audience for successful future campaigns
  5. Built-in features like calendar and task manager allow you to monitor the status of all of your on-going tasks and synchronise accordingly with the upcoming events/jobs.

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